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Holi Cwlebration 0

Holi Cwlebration

What is Holi   History of Holi   Holi in Vrindawan   How did I celebrate Holi   How to remove Holi colors



OXYMORON Defined as a phrase in which two words of opposite meanings are brought together. Here are some that never fail to amuse us all: 1)  Clearly Misunderstood 2)  Exact Estimate 3)  Small Crowd...

You Would be Awed!! (Meet a Trump Supporter) 0

You Would be Awed!! (Meet a Trump Supporter)

Love this girl’s enthusiasm! Her support for trump is incredible! The videos show it all xD  

Is our home also invaded? 2

Is our home also invaded?

As we slowly grow from being an infant to a teenager and finally an adult, we are subconsciously effected by the environment and people around us and they have a significant impact on us...

City of Lakes Now Boasts of Snow 0

City of Lakes Now Boasts of Snow

Bangalore, once known as the city of lakes, faced an incident recently that has almost made us believe that Bangalore will become uninhabitable soon. The froth formed on the lakes is very toxic and...


Icy eyes !

A little more detailing in the eyes than usual 🙂 I love the gradient hair and tried it out in this one. I’m not that experienced in blending colors but loving the experience !


Girl Next Door

The hues that contribute to her hair are what captivates me most. This one was drawn while keeping in mind a friend whose impression of freedom is fascinating. The mind is free of any...