About the blog
We are sisters, currently studying in Class IX and VI!
This blog is not about us, but a record of our journey. We live in Bangalore (a Metro City) and having visited many places in India (especially the smaller towns and beautiful little villages), we must say the life in a Metro is unique. And a life in each metro has its own flavour as well!

Once you are living in a metro you are spoilt for life and choice. As much as I enjoy visiting nice little small towns and villages its hard to imagine moving out of a metro. Maybe its the traffic, the pollution, the madness, or the chaos….okay I’m kidding. 🙂 Its the options for food, movies, theater, rock concerts, malls ~ you get the idea!! Is the city life better or a small town life? not sure?  Its not an argument to be won, as I strongly believe  -as a human being we love what we get used to.

We intend to keep this blog as a place to feed the body, mind and soul. Its meant for all ages but primarily I want to keep it worthy and clean for kids.We  shall share what we are learning with food, arts, dance(Bharatnatyam in particular), news, city, travel, life, tips and tricks that we pick along the way.

How do I get the content ?

Well, being a curious reader helps. I also have parents, friends who share all kinds of information with me.
I try to absorb as much and share whats relevant here. You are welcome to share the same with me as well!!



Our Hobbies



We learn Bharatnatyam (my Mom is a teacher and has done her Masters in it, you can check out her website at Nadanam)
We look forward to the classes every week. We practice only twice a week (given our studies and engagement in other activities)
– Roshni & Kajal


At this point I love to draw and focus on mainly sketching. I shall be posting some of my scribbles occasionally.
– Roshni


I love robotics! I have always had a passion for tools and mechanics. I attend robotics classes each week and perhaps this is my favourite part of the week.
– Kajal



I’m not that fond of eating, but cooking and making new delicacies to eat seemed like fun to me, so with my parents’ help I cook occasionally.