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You Would be Awed!! (Meet a Trump Supporter) 0

You Would be Awed!! (Meet a Trump Supporter)

Love this girl’s enthusiasm! Her support for trump is incredible! The videos show it all xD  

Tandoori Pomfret 0

Tandoori Pomfret

I still remember the first time I tasted it. It was in Goa. Was it the beach, the weather, the resort, I don’t know. But I have been hooked onto it since. There are...


Change, its starts with us !

There so much talk about America and whats going on around the world. My parents tell me things which they never had to deal with when they were small. They tell me its not...

Is our home also invaded? 2

Is our home also invaded?

As we slowly grow from being an infant to a teenager and finally an adult, we are subconsciously effected by the environment and people around us and they have a significant impact on us...


Tandoori Chicken

Yesterday was awesome! TGIF Fridays (like for many of you) is the most anticipated day of the week for us, for our own reasons. Its kekabs, coke, and some desserts for dinner on many...


Wah Taj, Wah Sheroes!!

Whenever I get a chance, I wish to see the Taj Mahal. But there’s another reason to visit Taj Mahal, that is to be able to visit the Sheroes cafe, in Agra. My parents...


Roti Crisps

Every kid has a favourite recipe of their mom’s !! This is one of the many for me. It is my mom’s creativeness and ingenuity at its best. It also shows the part of...


Meeting Malavika Sarukkai

We have been learning Bharatnatyam for a few years now. Our studies, assignments and other activities do not allow us the luxury of spending as much time practising Bharatnatyam as much as we would...


Cautious before you click on those GMail Attachments !!

You are being phished!! And the latest being thru GMail !! What is phishing? (Pronounced like fishing) If you are like me, who thought phishing was misspelt, here is enlightenment 🙂 It is usually...


The Grammy, I just got to it !

We listen to a lot of music and a wide range of it. If there’s no music playing on the speakers at home, someone is perhaps humming a tune for sure. Me and my...